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See Concept was created in August 2010, after winning the "Prix InnoveretEntreprendre" (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Prize), which enabled the business to launch its first product -See Up, the first self-service reading glasses.

The first 
See Ups made their appearance in bank and insurance branches and in hotels... the SociétéGénérale, the CréditCoopératif and the GMF were the first brands to make this new service available.
At the request of consumers who wanted to have this "useful and designer" object at home, See Concept launched 
See Home, the first reading glasses which you no longer have to search for at home.

After observing that one of the primary domestic requirements for reading was located in the kitchen, See Concept created the 
SeeMagnet, the first magnetic reading glasses capable of being positioned on the magnetic surfaces of the home, such as refrigerators, metal panels, etc.

After observing that the traditional reading glass product offerings were mediocre and lacking in style, quality and colours, See Concept launched READING
, a fashionable range of 18 “unmissable” DesignerColourful and Accessiblereading glasses!

Lauching of the SUN range, with and without correction !

Lauching of the Screen range, which filters 40% of blue light from the screens.

New shape #E, new colors, new range Junior: See Concept is the first one to present its Screen glasses for kids!

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